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Managing risks for sustainable human development
Risk Society
Risks we do not identify, do not manage either
Risk Society
Capacity development provides a mindset
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Risk Management for sustainable human development

Dear Visitor,

You might wonder what is the Risk Society? I’d say it’s our everyday reality! In all our endeavors as individuals, organizations, associations, or governments we face uncertainties that we have to accept and embrace, and risks that we need to manage to successfully achieve our objectives.

The guiding principles of sustainable development are shared by the global community and yet the pathway towards their realization is full of contradictory beliefs, competing priorities, missed opportunities and often disruptive events, like disasters. Your capacity to remain flexible, make sense of the emerging reality, and respond to the uncertainties that matter will ensure success of your endeavour. What does flexibility mean? How do you make sense of the emerging reality? And, how do you define the criticality of the different risks affecting your objectives?

The Risk Society organization will support you in finding your answers to these questions and more, and help you be successful in managing your risks. We can help you enhance your strategic anticipation capabilities, design your policies, strategies, plans and budgets to take into account the known and emerging risks, and ensure that you have adequate measures in place to be resilient and embrace change.

Sincerely yours,

Magda Stepanyan
Founder & CEO

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