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Disaster Risk Governance

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We offer you a broad range of services with the focus on how to improve societal and organizational resilience. We help you to define priority objectives for disaster risk management across the whole DRM cycle: prevention, preparedness, response, and recovery. Our approach ensures inclusiveness of all the relevant stakeholders and seeks to find innovative solutions to complex problems.

Within this thematic focus we offer a range of expertise, included but not limited to the following: mainstreaming disaster risk reduction into development planning (at national, provincial, and local/municipal levels), national and local risk assessment, disaster preparedness plans, disaster response and recovery plans, post-disaster needs assessment (PDNA), vulnerability and needs assessment, monitoring and evaluations. We also offer a unique system of business continuity management for public organizations: governmental agencies, NGOs, associations, and suchlike. We consider it important to ensure that our services are gender and disability-sensitive and geared to the broader agenda of poverty reduction.

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