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The course Risk Management Express Course for Developmental Practitioners on 28 November, 2014  Is a one-day express training programme on how to address uncertainties of development practice. Among the key questions to be addressed during the programme are:

  • What is the difference between uncertainties and risks?
  • How can risk management help to improve the performance of development partners?
  • How to identify and assess risks?
  • What is the role of the human factor in effective risk management?
  • What is integrated risk management and why are the WB, OECD, and EC advocating for it?
  • What are the entry points to mainstream risk management across development interventions?

The programme is highly interactive and each session incorporates practical hands-on exercises. It is focused on the tools and techniques that participants can easily apply in their own projects and programmes. Participants will also be introduced to the concept and practice of National Risk Assessment that will be presented by Dr. Marcel Mennen, National Institute of Public Health and Environment, Centre for Environmental Safety.

Who Should Attend?

This programme is designed for development practitioners: project manager, M&E experts, communication specialists, finance experts, volunteers.

Course Facilitator

Magda Stepanyan

Magda Stepanyan, MA, MSc, CIRM,

She holds two master degrees in Sociology and Public Administration (Leiden University) respectively, as well as International Certificate in Risk Management from The Institute of Risk Management (UK). She has over 15 years of expertise working with the organizations such as EC, UN, WB, Red Cross, and many others in the areas of risk management, disaster risk management, capacity development, M&E. She authored UNDP Technical Paper on Risk Management for Capacity Development Facilities: An Output from the Global Review.


Guest Speaker

Marcel Mennen, PHD,

Senior Scientist at the National Institute of Public Health and Environment, Centre for Enviromental Safety. He holds MSc in Physical Chemistry at Leiden University and obtained a PhD in Physical Science and Mathematics.His expertise covers a broad range of areas varying from air quality, health and environment science, environmental disasters and CBRN risks and threats to the broad scope of national safety and security (scenario studies; risk and threat assessment). Since 2010, he is the general secretary of the Dutch National Network of Safety and Security Analysts (ANV). This network produces the yearly National Risk Assessment of the Netherlands, in which risks, threats and hazards are assessed  using an all-hazard uniform methodology.



For more details about the programme and for the registration, please, contact course facilitator Magda Stepanyan at or fill in our contact form.

Participation costs of 495,00 include coffee, tea and lunch. It also includes 2-hour remote coaching to be requested within six month after completion of the course. A 10% early bird registration applies to bookings made before 15 October, and there is a 30% colleague discount for each additional colleague from the same organization.