Range of Disaster and Risk Management Services

The Risk Society organization offers a range of risk management services to its clients at project, programme, portfolio, network, and policy levels. Our primary focus is to develop capacities of individuals, organizations, and institutions. We also provide tailored technical assistance to governmental agencies, international and national NGOs, and many other partners.

Risk Society Service


We offer a broad range of capacity development efforts through various modalities:

  • Individual, group, in-company training
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Coaching and stand-by services
  • Acces to publications
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We offer a broad range of technical assistance at organizational, community, national, and regional levels to support desecion-making under uncertainty.

 Integrated risk management

  • Design the unique IRM system for your organization
  • Risk assesment ( at national and local levels )
  • Project/programme/portfolio risk management
  • Enterprise-wide risk management
  • Supply chain risk management
  • Risk management for CSR
Risk Society Risk Management Consultancy

Disaster risk governance

  • Mainstreaming DRR into national and local development planning
  • Design of disaster risk governance mechanisms at national and local levels
  • Disaster risk assessment
  • Risk-informed disaster preparedness plans
  • Risk-based disaster response plans
  • Capacity-development for risk-informed disaster management
  • Post-disaster needs assessment (PDNA)
  • Risk-informed Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E)
  • Business continuity management for public and private organizations
  • Risk-informed policy-making
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CSR as risk management

  • Design IRM for CSR
  • Risk assessment for CSR initiatives in the context of the corporate strategic priorities
  • Risk assessment as CSR for any organization
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